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Fenn Mark4 trap – for rat & squirrel – from only £6.90 delivered.

Fenn Mk4 Trap

Buy your Fenn Mk4 trap direct  and you save. The Fenn trap Mark4 is the most famous item in the Fenn range of vermin control products. It is the most effective solution for rat, squirrel, stoat and weasel infestations. We support the Fenn product range with our tunnels and tunnel bundles. The traps are further complimented by the ultimate – our Tunnel plus Camo cover. The original and authentic Fenn Mark 4  rat trap was designed by Mr Alan Albert Fenn and they bear the FENN brand embossed on the treadle.  FENN is a registered trademark ™. Whilst the Mark4 handles rats, squirrels, stoats and weasels, its big brother Mark6 takes out larger vermin like rabbits and mink.

Because of its success, attempts have been made by others to copy this design but not all have succeeded. None quite have the credibility and aura of the real article. It is perceived to be the ‘Rolex’ of the trap world. The Fenn trap range comprises the Mark4, Mark6 plus the mole traps. Trapbarn.com is the sole on-line distribution outlet for Fenn Traps Ltd. We therefore supply only genuine Fenn brand products with the main focus on Mk4 and Mk6 traps.

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By law, all spring traps must be used in a natural or artificial tunnel

Genuine Fenn traps are instantly recognisable by having the name A A Fenn embossed on the treadle plate together with Patent Number 762891 stamped on the brass tongue. These products are the output of a family run business based in the English Midlands since the 1950’s. Other items produced are springs, wire shapes and small pressings.

We canvassed our farmer and gamekeeper friends about which rat traps they preferred.  The consensus was that the FENN Mark4 traps are still the top dogs – mostly because they have the best quality and are utterly reliable.They have brass tongues and catches. The tongue is stamped with PAT. NO. 762891. The  Fenn Mark4 trigger system is made entirely of brass as this permits a more sensitive and quicker response. This will never rust or fail over time. There is no better solution to rat and squirrel problems.


They come with a full guarantee. In the event that you are not entirely happy with the trap, simply post it back by Royal Mail “signed for” within 14 days and you will receive a full refund. You will not find a better price anywhere.

FENN Mark 4 trap

This is the original and authentic Fenn Mark4 rat trap as designed by Mr A. A. Fenn and they bear the Fenn brand embossed on the treadle. It is also known as the Fenn Mk4. It is suitable also for trapping for squirrel, stoat and weasel.
They have brass tongues and catches. The tongue is stamped with PAT. NO. 762891. The Fenn Mark4 trigger system is made entirely of brass as this permits a more sensitive and quicker response.

Because of our low cost base we are able to offer these traps at market leading prices. So you will save more -particularly when you buy in quantity.


The law in the UK states that traps like the Fenn should be used in a natural or artificial tunnel. This is to prevent non-target species being injured. The good thing is that a well designed and positioned tunnel can greatly improve the kill-rate of the trap.

Picking the best spot for your tunnels is something of an art and is one of those things that gets easier with experience. Options include gateways, gaps in hedges,  alongside watercourses, building them in to stone walls and natural features such as rock piles or placing them against rabbit netting or a natural feature that will encourage them to enter the tunnel.
The tunnels need to look natural and not totally alien to the environment and the ideally the trap itself should be obscured with grass or something similar that’s available nearby. If it can be dug into the floor of the tunnel so that it is level with the ground, all the better. It isn’t always possible, especially if the tunnel is in rock pile or wall, but you might be able to place a flat stone or two either side of the trap so that there is less of a step up on to the trap from the tunnel floor. I like to put a light covering of sieved soil over the top of each trap with a forked stick.  I also make sure the soil either side of the trap is firm, and that there are no stones under the plate of the trap that will stop it going off.
In the case of the “KX” tunnel I recommend putting soil in the depressions that are found either side of where the trap goes. This effectively make the treadle plate at the same height as its surroundings. With mesh tunnels, I weave grass and other foliage into the mesh so that it disguises the tunnel and makes it  more inviting with a natural smell.

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