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Fenn Mk4 Trap Specification

Fenn Mk4 spring trap Mark Fenn

Fenn Trap Rat Mk4 Mark4 Fenn

The name derives from the 4 inch height of the trap.

Weight -382 gms

Chain – Plain link type. 1″ links.  Length = 11″ – galvanised.

Spring – Coil spring – Galvanised

D0g – Brass

Till – Brass

Chassis – Ungalvanised.

This is the original and authentic Fenn Mark 4  rat trap as designed by Mr A. A. Fenn and they bear the Fenn brand embossed on the treadle. It is suitable also for trapping for squirrel, stoat and weasel.

Attempts have been made by others to copy this design but not all have succeeded. None quite have the credibility and aura of the real article. It is perceived to be the ‘Rolex’ of the trap world.

As evidence of authenticity, these genuine traps have the treadle plate embossed with….. A. FENN,  MARK4, MADE IN ENGLAND.

To purchase a quantity of Fenn Mk4 follow this link and select the quantity required.


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