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Knowing about scent will enhance your success rate with Fenn traps

As human beings, most of us never fully appreciate the powerful sense of smell that wild animals have. Be aware of this when setting your Fenn traps.

Wild animals survive by their ability to find a food source by smell. They also survive because they can detect the presence of higher level predators through their ability to smell danger. It is a deep seated ability that is inherent in many wild species. Man is the apex predator so virtually all wild animals live in fear of the human smell.

Some vermin like rats and mice have come to live in close proximity to man but have come to be very wary of new objects that suddenly appear in their environment especially those that have a human odour about them. This suspicion is heightened further if the object also has the smell of food about it. Urban foxes and rats are examples which exhibit this characteristic.

So it is imperative therefore to minimise the presence of human scent anywhere near your traps and sets.

Reducing human scent in the proximity of a trap has two key elements reduction and disguise.

Reduction: and

The answer to this is to cover up well. The obvious one is to wear gloves. But a huge amount of odour is deposited on the trail because if falls down our sleeves and trouser legs. Hence I wear gauntlet gloves with an elastic cuff that overlaps my jacket. I also wear wellington boots with my trouser legs tucked inside. I also wear headgear that covers all my hair.

Disguise the scent:
By this I mean you should superimpose another smell on your clothes. I keep a jacket, pair of trousers and wellingtons out in the cow shed when I am not using them. They never come into the house. If the trap is to be set in the back garden, the cow shed odour is inappropriate as cows don’t go in your garden. In this case keep your clothes in the garden shed but away from any chemicals. After you have put them on, find a plant in the garden that has a strong smell and rub a bit of that plant over your boots.

If rain is expected later in the day it is useful to go out before the rain and set your Fenn traps. The rain will minimise your scent trail.


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