Cage only – for Fenn Mark4 trap


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Cage for Fenn Mark4 trap

The cage is designed for use with the Fenn Mark 4 trap when trapping squirrels

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Cage for Fenn Mark4 trap

This mesh cage meets all current legislative requirements and is designed for the Fenn Mark4 trap. It is ready to go to work immediately you receive it. This  is primarily designed for squirrel trapping.  It is also good for rat trapping.

You can mount them anywhere and they are easy to carry and locate. They can be mounted on a tree trunk,  pole, post, branch or fence. This is what makes it fantastic for catching squirrels as they prefer to move around on branches rather than be on the ground. It is a superbly cost-effective and dependable solution to the vermin problem. Plus they lasted forever.

You can even use these if you want to eliminate rats. Just place alongside a wall where rats prefer to run, with a little bait. The entrance hole is off-set so it can be placed next to the wall – where rats run, because rats feel safer when they have body contact with a wall, channel, pipe etc.

Our cages are extremely strong, durable and versatile. They are made from galvanised H.D. weld mesh.  They are far stronger that the others on offer with a diameter of 1.4mm. They are so durable that an adult can stand on them without any damage.

They have a mesh swing door. This door swings on strong steel hinges and allows you to put he trap in horizontally  and that way there is no chance of the safety catch being dislodged.  Your hands and fingers are totally safe. The mesh allows easy access to the safety catch from outside so again there is no risk whatsoever to your digits.

They are made entirely of H.D. galvanised weld mesh and will not rust or rot like those that are made of plywood. Similarly, they will not crack or deteriorate under UV sunlight like the plastic ones. They’re built tough just like Land Rovers.

With the safety cage you eliminate any possibility of collateral damage to other species e.g. birds, hedgehogs etc. It also means that you are operating completely within the law.


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