Camo Tunnel (without trap)


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Mesh Camo Tunnel (without trap)

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The Tunnel & Cover

Our strong weld mesh tunnels have been immensely successful and now we are taking them a step further with a black-out cover printed in camouflage pattern. This cover fabric is amazing material – it’s water-proof, tough and totally black-out.  It’s UV-proof, rot-proof and indestructible. It will not tear or rip. It’s like the fabric used on curtain-sider truck trailers – and that lasts for years in a hostile environment.
Being a black-out it creates the dark comforting environment that rats seek. The camouflage also helps your set blend into the background and minimise the risk of your set being disturbed or stolen.

This tunnel meets all legal requirements and has  a wide side door that is on steel hinges. It allows you to position your trap safely without any risk to your fingers. The door is secured with HD re-usable ratchet tie. It also comes with metal clips that allow you to attach the tunnel to trees, fences, walls, poles etc. That way you can easily place the tunnel exactly here you want it.

This design is fantastic for rats, stoats, weasels and squirrel trapping.  You can mount them anywhere and they are easy to carry and locate. Plus they last forever and they keep you legal.

The 2 entrance holes is offset to one side. This is important when trapping rats as rats prefer to move alongside walls etc whilst keeping body contact with the wall (or gulley, channel, ditch etc). The offset holes enable you to place the tunnel so that the holes are hard against the wall. That way the rat does not have to deviate from the wall.This increases your chances of success. Be wary about tunnels with central holes. They are not quite so effective.

Tunnels are made from H.D. galvanised weld mesh which has a diameter of 2.5mm. They are far stronger that the others on offer with a diameter of 1.4mm. They are so durable that an adult can stand on them without any damage.

If you want a bare tunnel so you can make your own cover the click here


With the mesh, you can also interweave foliage into the mesh to make it even more enticing for rats .
Other considerations worth mentioning are:-
  1. Rats are wary of any new source of food and will avoid bait laid out for them for quite some time. On the other hand they will readily run into a dark tunnel where they can hide and feel safe.  The bare trap is fine on its own and is triggered when the vermin moves across the treadle plate.
  2. The use of these safety tunnels enables you to use your Mark4 traps legally. Under the Pests Act and the Spring Traps Approval Order, it is illegal to use a Mark4 trap without using a tunnel. This tunnel fully complies with the law. It eliminates the possibility of collateral damage to other species e.g. hedgehogs, chickens, pheasants, partridges etc because it has restricted entrances at either end. The restricted headroom in the tunnel also increases the effectiveness of the trap as vermin gets squashed against the roof when the trap springs up.



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