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Mink Tunnels plus Fenn Mk6 traps

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Mesh tunnel for Mink plus Fenn  Mark6 Trap

Tunnel Specification:-

Galvanised steel 2.5mm mesh with 1″ holes

16″ long by 7″x7″ cross section
One end with 3″x3″ entry hole
Other end is a dead end ie  no entry hole in mesh end
Side access door = 7″ x6″ wide

NB: The best place for the mink bait is BETWEEN the TRAP and “BLIND” end of the tunnel.

The Fenn Mark 6 is for rabbit, mink squirrel, polecat and stoat

The authenticity of  these genuine Fenn Mark 6 rabbit  traps is confirmed on the treadle plate which is embossed with A. FENN, MARK6, MADE IN ENGLAND.

They also have brass tongues and catches. The tongue is stamped with A.  FENN, PAT. NO. 762891. The  trigger system is made entirely of brass as this permits a more sensitive and quicker response. This will never rust or fail over time.

UK Make

Fenn traps are made by a family run company in the Midlands which also manufactures springs, wire shapes and small pressings. For the last 10 years they have been involved solely in the manufacturing of  Fenn Trap. ie; Mark 6, Mark 4 and the Mole Scissor Traps. They are the original Fenn Trap and not copies.

Fenn is famous around the world as an efficient and unforgiving rodent killer. Use it for rats, grey squirrels, stoats and weasels.


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