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Dark trapping tunnels for Mark4 traps.

(Trap not included)

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This trapping tunnel is manufactured in the UK and greatly enhances the effectiveness of the Fenn Mark4 trap. Plus it meets the legal requirement that a Fenn trap must be used in a safety cage or tunnel. It is impregnated with an aniseed smell to encourage vermin. It is a longer lasting alternative to traditional wooden trap boxes.

The side-loading design makes placing the spring trap easier and safer.

Advantages :-

  • Side-loading design makes placing the Fenn trap easier and safer – just like our mesh tunnels
  • Vermin are only trapped by the head or neck resulting in rapid and humane dispatch
  • Eco-friendly, long lasting and re-usable
  • Opened and closed using an Allen key for increased safety and security.
  • Dark and weatherproof interior makes it attractive to squirrels and rats
  • Can be washed and stored.
  • Can be safely used in pheasant or chicken rearing locations.

The 60mm diameter entrance holes restrict access to only squirrels and rats.

Designed to be used with a Fenn MK4 trap (trap not included)

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