Tunnel for Fenn Mark4 trap


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Tunnel for Fenn Mark4 trap. Strong 2.5 mm galvanised mesh.

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Tunnel for Fenn Mark4

This is our most popular tunnel. It is designed for use with any Mark4 trap and is made from galvanised steel weld mesh. Strong, safe, durable and above all, cost effective. It’s popular because it is versatile and superb value!  Not all  buyers want the expense of a plastic tunnel that lacks the strength and durability. You can get 2 of these for the price of one plastic moulded job!

Many users just want a strong mesh tunnel because they prefer to cover their mesh tunnels the way they want them with whatever they know works best for them. They recognise what works best in their environment

Should you want one that is already covered, please see my other items.

  1. The 2 entrance holes are off-set to one side because rats much prefer running along walls where they can keep body contact with the wall. Rats dislike moving across open spaces. For this reason, tunnels are best placed along a wall and it is essential that the end holes in the tunnel should be immediately adjacent to the wall. The rat goes straight in the tunnel without deviating from the wall. A tunnel with the end holes in the middle therefore is not as effective because the rat does not want to move away from the wall. Our tests showed that off-set entrances were catching more rats. Rats seek confined spaces where they can hide.  Hence they like dark tunnels, holes, channels, drains, pipes etc.
  2. Developed in conjunction with local farmers, pheasant hatcheries, granaries and others. They all wanted a cost-effective tunnel that would catch rats and squirrels whilst being strong, durable and adaptable. The result is a tunnel made from strong steel weld mesh and covered in durable black Correx. This is tough, flexible and UV resistant. The mesh, being galvanised, will not rust or rot. It is amazingly strong and will withstand a lot hard usage or abuse. Built a bit like a Land Rover?
  3. The Mark4 traps can be safely installed and removed easily through the top-hinged side door. The door swings on steel hinges.  It opens so that the trap can be placed horizontally without displacing the safety. So your fingers are totally safe.
  4. If you prefer, you may secure the tunnel to a variety of objects e.g. beams, branches etc, using a the clips provided
  5. Being mesh, the base of the tunnel effectively becomes the same as the surrounding floor area so the rat does not encounter a change of surface (or smell) when entering. So if the tunnel is sitting on grass the grass is still underfoot in the tunnel as it comes through the mesh. It’s the same if its mud, sand, muck or whatever. Hence the only surprise the rat gets is when he springs the trap!

Other considerations worth mentioning are:-

  1. Rats have red green colour-blindness. Their colour saturation is quite faint, and colour appears to be far less important to them than brightness. Dark and black is what they are comfortable with. So it doesn’t matter if your tunnel is green, red or purple.
  2. Rats are wary of any new source of food and will avoid bait laid out for them for quite some time. On the other hand they will readily run into a dark tunnel where they can hide and feel safe. . The trap is triggered when the vermin moves across the treadle plate.
  3. The use of these safety tunnels enables you to use your Mark4 traps legally. Under the Pests Act and the Spring Traps Approval Order, it is illegal to use a Mark4 trap without using a tunnel. This tunnel fully complies with the law. It eliminates the possibility of collateral damage to other species e.g. hedgehogs, chickens, pheasants, partridges etc because it has restricted entrances; one at either end. The 2 restricted headroom in the tunnel also increases the effectiveness of the trap as vermin gets squashed against the roof when the trap springs up.

4.    On eBay it appears that mesh tunnels and cages out-sell plastic ones by a factor of 8 to 1.


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