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Squirrel Fenn Mark4 trap

Rat & Squirrel traps

The Fen Mark 4 rat trap

When it comes to rat traps or squirrel traps, there is nothing that beats the Fenn Mark4. It is the professional’s choice for rat or squirrel trapping.  Strong, durable and sensitive, it will last you a life time. And it’s not just rats & squirrels but the Mark4 Fenn is the real bad boy for  stoats and weasels.

The genuine FENN Mark4 trap Mk4 embossed with the brand name. They have brass tongues and catches. The tongue is stamped with PAT. NO. 762891. The Fenn Mark4 trigger system is made entirely of brass as this permits a more sensitive and quicker response. This will never rust or fail over time.


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