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Trap Barn was set up by Fenn Traps Ltd to meet the need for an on-line sales outlet for our Fenn brand vermin control products. We responded to the need to create a web site that was easy to navigate and intuitive to use. We combine this functionality with fast despatch and speedy delivery. And, above all, we offer really competitive pricing because of extremely low overheads.

But first a little history. The demise of the gin trap was brought about by the Pests Act in 1954 (Sect.8).  To speed development of a humane design, the Government funded a scheme  to reward inventors of suitable designs. This spurred trap manufacturers to develop new designs.  A total of five inventors were awarded as follows:-  Mr F.E. Sawyer (Imbra trap) £1,000, Mr A.A. Fenn £850, Mr R.W. Juby £750 (Juby trap), Mr J.W. Legg £200, Mr R.C. Fuller £100. It is interesting to note that £2,000 remains available to be awarded for a suitable humane fox trap!

Alan Fenn patented his innovative design, with the current Mark4 being granted Patent Number 763881. At one stage Fenn produced many different trapping products such as Larsen traps and a variety of cages. These are now very rare as they were discontinued several years ago however mesh tunnels are still produced for trapping rats.

Other Trap Brands

Mark4 and Mark6 traps are also manufactured  with the “Springer” brand by another company under approval by Fenn.  It is also based in the English Midlands and manufactures “own brand” traps for other  organisations. One example being those sold under the “Solway” brand name.

Fenn  traps must be used in tunnels. That is the law.  The efficacy of the trap  is dependent on the tunnel roof being at the correct height.  That is, there should be a 25mm gap above the jaws when closed.

James – M.D. – Fenn Traps Ltd.

Ben – Support and Sales

Hillary – Accounts and purchasing

Hamish – Stock control & Trapping Expert

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